Light Demolition Range, Fort Hunter Liggett, CA

This project was located within Army Reserve Base Fort Hunter Liggett, CA. This project consisted of a 30 acre site that contains multiple training areas. They included a Wire Obstacle, Concrete Obstacle, Timber Cutting Obstacle, Steel Cutting Obstacle, Mine Field Obstacle, Road Crater Obstacle, Explosive Storage Obstacle and Missile Proof Shelters. The site work consisted of mass earth moving and rebalancing of a 30 acre site, over excavation and re-compaction of all Access Roads, Shelter Roads and Building Pad areas. Communications included the installation and tie in of existing communications and telephone to the new structures. The construction of the various structures differed in methods. They included slab on grade construction, cast in place concrete, precast concrete and rail road tie construction. All structural and decorative concrete were self-performed activities.